A day on Colour and Colour Reflexology on Sunday 21st February 2016

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Colour is a phenomena which surrounds us during our waking hours and pervades our dreams at night.  Colour is part of the electro-magnetic spectrum giving each colour its own range of vibrational frequencies.  We humans are also surrounded by an electromagnetic field, the aura, displaying the colours generated by our thoughts, emotions and physical health. Therefore, using colour as a tool for healing is using what we are, beings of light.
 Many people have proclaimed that light and colour will be the medicine of the future and this I personally believe. 

This introductory day will explore how we can beneficially use colour in our homes, in therapy and how to work with it for our well-being.  The day will explore:
  • Our psychological response to colour.
  • The use of colour in our homes
  • The healing power of colour.
  • Our own aura of light
  • Practical ways of working with light
  • Using colour to support our health 
  • How t integrate colour with reflexology

There will be practical work throughout the day.

Sunday 521st February 2016
The day will start at 10 am and finish at 4.30 pm.
Teas and coffee are provided but please bring your own lunch.




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