Colour Reflexology Diploma (1 Year) - Online E-Learning

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This one year online distance learning diploma course, approved and accepted by the Complementary Medical Association, is for qualified reflexologists who wish to integrate colour with reflexology. It consists of seven modules, a DVD, the book 'Colour Reflexology' by Pauline Wills, a set of 12 acetates and a pendulum. 
The modules are:
  1. The History of Colour Therapy
  2. The Nature of Light
  3. The Aura and the Chakras
  4. Colour - Part 1
  5. Colour - Part 2
  6. Working with the overall colour using the spinal diagnostic chart.
  7. The Meridians
After each module a given assignment must be completed and sent to the Oracle School for assessment.  After completing the modules, students will be expected to submit a 3000 word thesis on any aspect of colour they care to research.  Students who reach the standard set by the Oracle school will receive a diploma which allows them to use colour through the hands and the feet only in conjunction with a reflexology treatment.  If they then attend a practical weekend on colour reflexology at the Oracle school, they will receive a further certificate from the Complementary Medical Association (CMA),


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